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OK, yes, the title of this post might sound weird, but let’s be honest … you’ve had moments recently when you’ve felt like you have no idea what to do, am I right? I know I’ve had those moments — it’s totally normal. This happens even when we’re not in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis … we all feel a bit lost at times, and it’s just fine. But then we have to take a breath, and take some action. Here’s what I mean:

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Today I’m going to talk to you about what to do when you don’t know what to do. When you don’t know what to do because you feel out of control, like nothing that’s going on in the world is right and you just don’t know how to move forward there are really only two choices. You can either do nothing, which keeps you stuck exactly where you are. Or you can just take one small action, which moves you forward.

That’s it. Those are the only two choices you have. I know you don’t want to stay stuck in this state of waiting for some magical thing to happen and for life to go back to normal. There is no normal at this point. Everything is going to be different into the foreseeable future, so you might at well just get over it and move on. So, for argument’s sake, let’s say you’re going to go with option 2 — to take a small action to move forward because I know that’s the choice you’ll make.

OK, so what do you actually do? Here are some ideas:

  1. Send an email to your past clients and prospects to say “hi” and let them know you’re still designing and finding creative ways to complete projects safely and while practicing physical distancing.
  2. Create some digital inspiration boards and share them via your social channels.
  3. If you don’t offer some sort of e-design option, lay the groundwork for how you can do this, and start marketing it.
  4. Get your business in order. By that I mean, clean up your office, dial in your processes and systems, get clear on your goals (even when it seems like all is lost for 2020 … it’s not. Cancel that mindset right now.).
  5. Do more to get your business in order. If you don’t have a detailed marketing plan and budget, create one. Get in touch with your finances — know where you’re at and refer to goals to see where you’re going.
  6. Learn new software. Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn SketchUp for a while now but haven’t had time to dedicate to it. Maybe you need a business management system to keep you and your projects organized … now is the perfect time to learn and set up a new system.
  7. Breathe. It’s all going to be OK. You’ve got this. We’ve survived crisis before, we will survive this too. And if you take action instead of playing the waiting game, you can come out of it stronger than you went in.

If you’re ready to take some action and grow your business coming out of this crisis, my Interior Design Biz CEO™ coaching program might be right for you. Learn more about it at or click the button or link where you’re watching this video.