I have been noticing a serious “lack” mindset in the people around me lately. Some from clients, some from colleagues. I hear things like:

  • Clients won’t spend that much money
  • I can’t sell any more than this because people are just not buying
  • I have to discount the price to get anyone to buy
  • I just can’t make the amount of money I dream of making
  • I can’t get ahead
  • I can’t do more

So many “won’t” can “can’t” statements. It’s so negative. And the problem is the people who say these things think they are stating facts. But these are not facts, they are thoughts (or opinions).

I very much subscribe to the “model” method that life coach Brooke Castillo teaches. In a nutshell, the model says that your thoughts create your feelings that drive your actions and give you your results. Which is great because you can control your thoughts if you try.

So, let’s break these down. If your thought is “Clients won’t spend that much money,” your feeling might be fear that you’ve overpriced your services. From that fear, you take action which is to lower your price on the next proposal. The result is then a self-fulfilling prophecy that the client won’t spend that much money because you didn’t ask them to!

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Let’s look at another. If your thought is, “I just can’t make the money I dream of making,” your feeling is likely despair and/or self-doubt. When you have self-doubt, you’re likely to act in a way that sabotages your chances for success. You might take on only the most basic projects fearing that you’re not good enough for the high-end, whole home design projects. You might succumb to overwhelm and not finish projects on time. You might give up on your business completely. And the result is that you don’t make the money you’ve been dreaming of.

What you THINK, is what you get.

So, what if you turn those negative thoughts that come from a place of lack on their heads?

“I can’t do more,” becomes “I’m organized and productive. I can do as much work as I choose.” From that place of abundance, your actions will be things like actively managing your time and calendar to take on and complete more projects more efficiently. The result: You’re happier and your bottom line is much heftier.

How about “I can’t sell any more than this because people are just not buying”? You can turn that thought around to be, “There are plenty of potential clients in my market who value and need my services.” That abundant mindset drives you to connect with local groups of which your target prospects are members. Maybe you host an event in your home or at a local venue to bring together community members who are interested in doing a remodeling or interior design project. The result is that you get in front of a new audience of people who value and need your services.

Your thoughts create your feelings that drive your actions that give you your results. And you can control your thoughts. So, why on earth wouldn’t you make sure they are abundant, positive thoughts? That being said, this is a process. It’s not always easy. Especially if you’ve fallen victim to believing your negative thoughts without even realizing they are just thoughts — they are not facts. So, give yourself some grace, but pay attention to your thoughts. Notice when they are negative. Then stop and actively change the thought.