So, you know how September rolls around and you start thinking about planning for the upcoming year? Then before you ever get a chance to write down any goals or even make notes — BAM! — you’re knee-deep in the holidays. All your planning and strategizing dreams are in the toilet until January — when you should be acting on them!

This is why I love the middle of the year for getting a jump start. I know, I know. You’re saying, “I’m way too busy right now to think about next year.” I get it. But I promise, if you take this opportunity to lay the groundwork for some small planning sessions throughout the remainder of the year, instead of trying to cram in a big one later, you’ll be more successful in developing your goals for next year BEFORE it arrives. Which will give you more time to reach your goals next year to grow your business, increase your profit, work less — all of the things. If you missed it, start with mini-planning session 1.

Mini-Planning Session 2

OK, picking right up where we left off … pull out those notes you made when you reviewed the current year and asked yourself how much you want to grow in the coming years. It’s time to take that info and shape it into attainable goals. Please refer back to this earlier post about creating SMART goals as you shape your thoughts and ideas into actionable guidelines to follow.

OK, so, at the end of mini-planning session 2, you should have all of the goals spelled out. When I say “all,” I mean three to five goals. If you have more, that’s great, but let’s pick no more than five to begin with or you’ll end up paralyzed with too much to do, which often leads to nothing getting done.

Be sure that for the more complex goals, you break them out into the tasks or steps needed to achieve them. For instance, if one goal is to double your Instagram followers, then A.) We should talk about why this is a goal and how it will really benefit your business and attribute to your bottom line. If you’re not sure you’re goals are quite right, or if you’re not sure how to structure them, click here to schedule a 15-minute strategy session. Small business coaching might be the tool you need to get clear on your goals, implementation and how to grow your business.

But, for argument’s sake, let’s say it is a goal. What are the steps needed to get there? Maybe … targeting individual people to follow in hopes they (and some of their audience members) will follow you. Maybe … creating ads and targeting a very specific Instagram audience. Maybe … adding a button to your e-newsletter and giving away an e-book in exchange for following you.

Up next in mini-planning session 3, you’re going to figure out how to get all of the tasks done to help you reach your goals! Yay!

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