It’s happened again. The time has just flown by, and now we’re well into the year. How is your marketing plan holding up? Are you moving forward with the action steps needed to reach your business goals? Or do you find yourself caught up in the business of designing instead of the business of managing your business? It happens to all of us — no shame here!

But now that we’ve brought your attention back, let’s assess the situation and create a plan to move forward. First, gather your planning documents and marketing budget. If you haven’t created a budget specific to marketing activities, download this marketing budget template and get started on that today. It’s an easy way to see if you’re on track with your spending plan or not.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I implemented the marketing strategies needed to meet my business and revenue goals?
  • If a marketing activity is not fully implemented, have I broken it down into steps, some of which are in progress?
  • Of the marketing I have completed, am I seeing any response or trends? Remember, many marketing efforts take time to produce an ROI. I urge you to review your data before making rash decisions. And be sure you’ve collected enough data to make informed changes.
  • Have I spent the amount of money on marketing that I planned up to this point in the year? If you haven’t, don’t celebrate your savings. Instead, think about the investment opportunity to grow your business that you have missed.

Once you’ve done a good assessment of where you’re at, it’s time to review the plan itself.

  • Is your plan still viable?
  • Is it still going in the direction you want or do you need to make some revisions?
  • Will it still generate the leads and prospects you need to meet your revenue goals?
  • Are there other opportunities I missed in my initial plan? Maybe a charity event has come up that you’d like to participate in or a local publisher has started a new home and design magazine that you could advertise in or pursue for some PR exposure

Don’t forget to check out your competition. This is a way to get new ideas, but I don’t recommend mimicking their actions — they likely have different goals, target market, budget, etc. than you. But it’s good to have some knowledge about their activities if just simply for comparison’s sake.

  • What are they doing?
  • Do you see them being active on social sites?
  • Are they putting out great content on their blog or even with gated content?
  • In what ways is their website different from yours? Better or worse?

Now that you’ve assessed how far you’ve come with your marketing plan, do you need to make adjustments moving forward throughout the year? Now is the time — be inspired to get back on track, take action and meet the goals you’ve set for yourself and your company.

If you find you really don’t have the time to manage all your marketing efforts, I can help. You spend your time doing what you love, and I will spend my time taking care of your marketing strategy, implementation and driving excellent results. Contact me today to see how I can help make marketing manageable for you.