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Let’s be real … COVID-19 is really screwing with our businesses and our goals for the year. And we really have no idea how long this crisis is going to last and what the financial implications are going to be.

So, with that in mind, I’d like you to revisit your goals for the year. Your inclination might be to just throw your revenue goals aside given the uncertainty of this situation, but please don’t do that. Instead, get creative in the ways in which you make money and serve your clients.

I know you might be thinking that people are not spending money on “luxuries” such as interior design right now. But I assure you, that is not the case for everyone. What you do is important, people need it and, more importantly, they WANT it. And they are spending a lot of time in their homes right now, which gives them plenty of time to think about the things they don’t like about it, the things that don’t function for their families, and the ways in which their home might not reflect the way they want to live.

Another thing you might be thinking right now is: How could I possibly profit off this crisis. Meaning: Sell to the people I just mentioned … the ones who are not happy with their homes. I want you to think carefully about that. You provide a service that people need and want. It’s sort of your duty to offer it to them. And if you deeply discount your rates or provide some services for free because you feel like you shouldn’t be charging when people in the world are losing their jobs and struggling, I need you to stop right there.


Manage Your Annual Goals

Don’t wait to get your goals on track for the year! This training is just what you need to get your business on the right track to ensure you meet — or exceed — your annual goals.

For one thing, people lose jobs every day. Not to the extent they are at this moment in time, of course. And I don’t downplay the severity of this situation. But let’s look at it from another perspective. When someone engages you for services right now, they are doing so because the current situation is not having the same financial impact on them that it might be having on others. So, they engage you for services, they pay you for services. This allows you to pay others for goods or services. And this is how we each do our tiny part to keep the economy moving.

So, I want you to take my free goal setting training course and rethink how you will achieve your goals for this year. I recently updated the course to include a section on services you can offer to get through this crisis and really any other slow spots in your business — you know June when everyone takes off for vacation, or right before the holidays when everyone is busy with holiday parties and hosting friends and family and other times of the year when you have a lull in leads and new projects.