Feeling “stuck” can take on many forms in your business. You might feel as though you can’t make more money, you can’t get better clients/projects, you can’t get a handle on your finances, you can’t get organized.

It’s possible you’ve tried to improve in all of these areas and have not seen results. Or maybe you find yourself paralyzed by overwhelm.

It’s OK. I want you to know that it’s not a big deal to have tried and failed or to have not tried at all. I know you can turn it around — you can get unstuck!

First, it begins with your thoughts. Make sure you change any negative thoughts about being stuck or the topic around which you feel stuck. For instance, if you feel stuck in disorganization, change the thought to something like, “I’m smart and savvy, so I can find a system of organization that will work for my business.”

Next, take a small action in the right direction. Spend 5 minutes researching how to organize your business (please don’t go down this rabbit hole for more than 5 minutes or that is just another way of staying stuck). Clean off your desk. Clean up your calendar and remove and non-essential meetings or tasks.

Once you’ve acknowledged the issue, changed your thoughts around it and have taken some small action, it’s time to dedicate a specific amount of time on a weekly (or daily) basis to work on this particular area of “stuckness.” Block time in your calendar for it. It might be 30 minutes on Friday afternoon to tidy up your office for the upcoming week. Or maybe — as I do — you block two hours one day a week to work on finances (mine is Financial Friday). If marketing is your stuck zone, schedule an hour a week to work on it.

The key is to make the time block sacred so you don’t skip it for other “urgent” things that come up. Urgent is not always important, and urgent things can often ruin the best plans.

I created a free training that shows how to use Trello, a project/business management system that I love, plus your calendar to block time and use it effectively. Check it out to get started getting unstuck!