It’s tough to grow your business when you spin your wheels on leads that are not a good fit, tire kickers or just plain time wasters. It’s a challenge for many interior designers to figure out how to get more of the best leads and less of the others.

My course shows you just how to determine which leads come from the best sources — and it goes way beyond “I got a whole house design project from Houzz.” We’re going to dig deep into several data points that will help you understand not only which are your best lead sources, but also why it’s so important to track all the data for each lead — even the bad ones!

In this course, I’m going to show you how to efficiently track and assess your leads data so you can easily determine where your best leads are coming from and develop a new marketing strategy around those lead sources. You’ll also learn:

  • What to do if you don’t have past lead data to analyze
  • How to recognize marketing opportunities that you’ve missed or previously thought wouldn’t work for your business
  • How to grow your revenue by reaching the right audience with the right message

As a bonus, on completion of the course, you will get my Guide to Developing Buyer Personas: How to use your leads data to create avatars of your best potential clients. This is designed to help you keep those best clients in mind as you shape your future marketing campaigns. It also makes it easy for you to pass along marketing duties to an assistant or agency and be sure they know who, exactly, you’re trying to reach.

So, CLICK HERE to sign up for this course today. I want to see you there!