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I know this will seem controversial … don’t spend extra time on client projects. But I’m not asking you to sacrifice quality. I’m asking you to invest in yourself and your business. Here’s what I mean:

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OK, what I’m about to say here might seem a bit controversial to some of you, but stick with me because this is an important message. The timing of this comes as we’re facing a global health crisis — people are quarantined at home, businesses are shuttering, people are losing jobs, many people are sick and some dying. The advice I’m about to give you applies now as much as it applies in December or any other time that your business is experiencing a slowdown.

When you find yourself in a situation where you have extra time in your business because things are slow, what I don’t want you to do is start pouring that extra time into the client projects that you have. Now, what I mean by that is: Let’s say during an average busy-ish time in your business you are working on let’s just say three design projects and you work 30 hours a week. I’m making the numbers really round for ease of math. So, you would normally then spend 10 hours per week on each project. So, if right now you’re only working on one project because it’s slow, don’t spend 20 hours on that project. Or 15 or 12.

I’m not asking you to sacrifice quality by any means. When you’re busy, you still do high-quality work, in a specific amount of time. All I want you to do is maintain that same level of service and care that you always give each project. And then I want you to use the remainder of your work hours to build your business. This is the time … you know what they say … when life gives you lemons.

During these slow periods, you should be marketing the crap out of your business for one thing. It’s time for goal setting or reassessing your goals. It’s time to think through all of your business processes so you can refine and document them. It’s time to learn new software. Or take an online class. And it’s time to be sure that as you transition back into a busy period, you take all of this business-building you’ve done with you. Make space in your schedule to continue marketing all of the time. Make space to revisit your goals regularly to ensure you’re on track to meet them.

I encourage you to get some guidance and accountability. Check out my Interior Design Biz CEO™ coaching program at You’ll find the link where you’re watching this video. Now is the time to set yourself up for success. I want you to make the most of it.