Once a month you create a nice company email and send it off … into the netherworld. You hope people open it. You hope they read it. But you really have no idea — even if you’re watching the analytics — what happens next. With email marketing automation, you can create a structured series of emails based on your prospects’ actions. And you can see how they engage with the content you send them. And once the initial setup is complete, the time commitment is minimal. Of course, you want to continue to grow your automated program, so don’t just set it and forget it.

Email has the power to drive traffic to your website, and email automation makes it easier and more efficient for you to keep prospects engaged until they commit to a project with you. And automated marketing can be used for several types of campaigns.

Start your automated campaigns with a welcome email series. This is one that starts the first time your prospect engages with your website — start a conversation with your prospects the moment they express interest. By programming campaign triggers, you can deliver targeted messages based on actions your prospect takes, when they take them.

You can also use automated email marketing to target groups of your prospects by their level of interest or type of project they are interested in. You can create custom workflows that send emails relevant to kitchens directed toward prospects who have visited your kitchen design page or emails about new home design to visitors of a page about that topic. Delivering content that is of interest, ensures your prospect will engage with your content.

Whether you send quarterly, monthly or weekly e-newsletters, make them personalized based on your prospects’ browsing history. Emails can be dynamically populated to create a custom email for each reader.

You will likely at some point find yourself with prospects who have gone silent. It happens. People get busy. Changes happen at work. They might not be ready to commit to such a large project. That doesn’t necessarily mean they never want to engage your services. So, stay top of mind using an automated email campaign.

By creating workflows based on unopened email or no clicks allows you to continue creating touches with those past website visitors with little effort on your part. Then, when they are ready, they have an easy opportunity to re-engage.

Using email marketing automation is an effective way to deliver helpful, inspirational content your prospects are looking for right when they want it. It helps guide them through the buying cycle, builds trust in your brand and can help re-engage lost leads.