Imposter syndrome. We all suffer from it at least occasionally in one or several areas of our lives. For many, this manifests in our work lives. Especially for entrepreneurs.

Do you sometimes have thoughts that sound similar to these:

  • Who am I to be doing [insert job or task here]?
  • What if I’m not good enough at [insert job or task here]?
  • Am I really worth [insert contract or hourly dollar amount here]?

I want you to notice if (read: when) you experience any of these questions rattling around in your head, and take action to quickly deal with them. Here are three steps for dealing with imposter syndrome:

  1. Recognize the thought, and then acknowledge that it is just that: a thought. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean that it’s true. Most often, the thought is absolutely not true.
  2. Look for evidence to the contrary. So, let’s say your thought is: What if I’m not good enough to design this client’s home? Evidence to the contrary would be: I recently designed the Smith’s home, and they love it. They even wrote a beautiful testimonial on Google. Other evidence to the contrary might be: I designed my own home, and every time we have new friends over, they gush about how much they love our home.
  3. Reframe and quantify the thought. Let’s say your negative thought is: Am I really worth [dollar amount]? Reframe it as: I am worth [dollar amount], and I know this because I have 7 years’ experience in this field, I’ve completed more than 50 interior design projects, 90% of my clients refer me to their friends, etc.

And bonus tip #4: Give yourself some grace. This is a process, and you’re not going to magically eliminate all imposter syndrome thoughts in a day. Actually, you’ll probably never eliminate them completely. They creep in unexpectedly but using this framework, you’ll be able to quickly negate the effects and move on to continue accomplishing great things in your business — and your life.

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