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Hey there! I’m Heather.

Through my Interior Design Biz CEO™ coaching program, I help creative women get real about running their interior design businesses so they can thrive financially and love their work!

If you feel like you’ve reached a glass ceiling in your own business or if you’re ready to branch out on your own, I can help! I have the tools you need to kick it up a notch and have the dream business you’ve longed for — you know, the one that allows you the freedom and flexibility you want in your life, the time and space to do your best creative work and the income to support your desired lifestyle. You can really have it all. It’s time for you to becomes the CEO of your interior design business!

Transition from interior designer to Interior Design Biz CEO™ by
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to gain clarity, eliminate overwhelm and take control of your business.


Goal Setting Training

Get clarity around what you want and create an action plan to achieve it!

Productivity Guide

Take control of your time so you can accomplish more every day!

Let’s Work Together!

3–6 Month Coaching

With short-term coaching, we can focus on one to three areas of your business. Diving deep into an area in which you struggle can be the key to success. Don’t let a lack of knowledge and confidence in one area of your business keep you from achieving your goals. Let’s conquer it together so you can succeed!

Interior Design Biz CEO™

In my customized 12-month coaching services, we focus on all areas of your business and dive deep into those in which you struggle most. You will overcome mindset blocks that are keeping you from reaching your maximum potential and get the practical tools you can implement for success.

Marketing Strategy

So many interior designers struggle with marketing. I can help you understand your leads and ideal clients so you know exactly who you’re marketing to. Then I’ll show you the best marketing tactics, how to use them and practical ways to implement a detailed marketing strategy I develop specifically for your business.

Make more money in your interior design business.

Create the beautiful interiors that impact your clients’ lives + make the money you deserve without the worry and overwhelm.

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